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Let your hair do the talking...


shampoo, cut, & blowdry style
shampoo & cut -OR- dry cut & style
express cut (no shampoo or styling)
hairline clean-up
fringe/bang trim complimentary

blowdry style
formal style

    *wedding packages available

half touch-up
touch-up(color on outgrowth only)
single process(all over one color)
   around the face
   single foils
Corrective Color


"Rachel is amazing! I've pretty much always had dark hair and no one has ever gotten it to be very blonde and still remain healthy- or I get frustrated by the process before it ever gets as light as I imagine and just go back to dark. I initially got my hair done in October and everyone noticed the difference. Since then I still get compliments and ask if it's lighter or if it was just done. I still feel like a brunette but also like a blonde- it's the most versatile my hair has ever been. I have very limited time, so it has been great to not notice my hair growing out. The color is beautiful and I feel confident and beautiful practically every day. She also converted me to the Coté products, it's been over 8 years since I've embraced a new product line. My hair has never been so soft and manageable." -Sam L.

"Thank you Rachel for not only finding my PERFECT most natural looking color, but finding the great cut to go along with it!!

You are the most fun hair stylist I've had in a long while and I'm so thankful for your artistry!!


"Hey Rach! Just have to tell you that I've never had so many compliments on my hair in my life!!! I loved it both nights! Amazing, thank you!!"

-Hannah A.

"...Rachel is amazing at what she does and every time I leave this place I leave with a big smile. ... I have short hair so its amazing to have a stylist who takes the time to show me different styles I can try on my own no matter how packed her schedule is. Worth the price!" -Shreya G.

"Rachel Borsodi always gives outstanding service. I am impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. ..." Anna T.

"Rachel is the absolute best!! Good convo and great cut." -Andrew S.

"I am literally obsessed with my hair, you nailed it! Thank you so much..." 

- Katie

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